Overcome Obstacles, Establish Confidence 

Every Cloud is a Nationwide Tax Efficient Company Assisted Health Scheme, that provides accredited Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist's to attend the workplace or a setting of your choice and treat employees for stress related illnesses, dependencies such as smoking and give them the tools to deal with the challenges of their personal and professional life.




gives employees the tools to deal with stress and pressure

How much productivity is your business losing due to psycological or inhibiting conditions? How many of your employees under perform due to work related stress or worry? Is negativity or lack of enthusiasm affecting the performance of your workforce?

The HSE reported that 13.6% of employees thought their job was very stressful. In 2008 Work related stress, depression and chronic ill health lost employers 13,500,00 working days respectably costing them in excess of £28 Billion and In some companies losses can equate to almost 9% of their total payroll.

The European Network for Workplace Heath Promotion stated that for every 80p spent on health promotion, £4 can be saved through reduced absenteeism and improved motivation.

Every Cloud can help your key employees overcome the health issues that may severely affect their performance.

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Every Cloud will show you by example how to eliminate negativity, overcome obstacles and re-establish confidence.

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Every Cloud have helped many Smokers to quit, even if they have unsucessfully tried many other options.

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